Hey bakies, welcome to Slamwich Scratch Kitchen!

I’m Brian, and this little site is like my baking diary with my own knowledge and hands-on experience that I learned along my baking journey.

From the very first day that I was too clumsy mixing the dough till the time I opened my very own restaurant and sold the best sandwiches in the world; I’ve tried, experimented, and come up with many useful tips and tricks.

I believe that knowledge will be dead if it is not shared around. That’s why from now on I’ll be writing on this blog about what I’ve learned throughout the years, and my own recipes to make delicious dishes and bake amazing cakes. I’ll also add some reviews and comments on which baking/kitchen equipment that helped me along the way.

I hope you don’t mind if there might be links or ads some days as I just want this site to run normally. I only share with you what I’ve gone through, so you can rest assured and try the recipes/take my advice when it comes to finding baking equipment.

Don’t hesitate to let me know if there is anything I can help you with. I’d be more than happy if you need my advice on any cooking equipment, and I’ll try to address your queries soonest.

Have a nice baking day!


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