Burger Vs Sandwich: What’s The Difference? Is a Burger a Sandwich?

If we hear someone talk about a burger vs sandwich, we may not have a doubt in mind because they sound like very normal things in life. Every one of us can eat them every …

Burger Vs Sandwich

If we hear someone talk about a burger vs sandwich, we may not have a doubt in mind because they sound like very normal things in life. Every one of us can eat them every day, or even just once to twice a month for breakfast or other meals. 

However, how many of us clearly understand the difference between these two foods? In addition to the fact that they are all unhealthy food as people think, we do not fully understand their nutritional value.

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About Burger 

A burger is usually a bread bun or bread roll with a cooked meat patty in the middle. The minced beef filling has been the most basic type since it appeared.

This type of bread appeared around 1885 and is named after the Hamburger chef Charlie – who created this cake. He squeezed a barbecue and placed it between two slices of bread to make it easier to eat, and this is how this dish was born.

Usually, a standard burger will include grilled beef balls. Carefully interspersed will be salad layers, tomatoes, and pickled cucumbers, and add sauces such as ketchup, mayonnaise, or a little honey mustard.

Over time, it has increasingly improved and diversified. Instead of bread bun covered with sesame, people have invented types with the crust of bamboo charcoal bread or black bread instead of white flour.

Moreover, when one of the world’s most popular dishes is in fast food restaurants like McDonald’s or KFC, the filling is also diversified with fried seafood, fried chicken, or even a veggie burger.


Burger appeared in 1885

About Sandwich

To define how we usually see and have, sandwiches are two or more slices of baked bread. Between them will be a layer of butter, mayonnaise, or others, depending on the type you make.

In terms of history, sandwiches appeared in the 18th century, quite a long time compared to burgers. An English aristocrat, during card gambling, asked his servant to place a piece of meat between slices of bread so that he could focus on playing cards and not stop eating meat.

The sandwich became popular all over the world. It is loved for its taste and convenience – it only takes 10 minutes to have a delicious lunch or just a few minutes to buy it at the convenience store.

In addition to being a quick snack, sandwiches appear at large parties. It is presented as a triangle or a square and is skewered by cocktail skewers.

How Can You Make Sandwiches Appealing To Customers

Sandwich appeared very early, from the 18th century 

What Are The Differences Between Burger Vs Sandwich?


Looking at the filling, we can see the distinction between burger and sandwich. The filling will be cooked meats served with cheese and vegetables if it is a burger. That’s why it’s usually served hot, which will give you a more delicious taste.

On the other side, sandwiches provide you with more choices of fillings. You can choose from a sweet sandwich with whipped cream and strawberries or a Reuben sandwich with beef, sauerkraut, and swiss cheese.

With a variety of fillings, the cheese can be served cold. In addition, some people like to bake the crust to make it crispy before eating.

Type Of Bread

And if it’s just a glance, form is the easiest way to tell them apart.

As mentioned above, the burger will be made from bread buns, with a sprinkle of sesame on top. It looks quite plump and round.

That’s basically the case, but today people have also broken more. Instead of the classic crust, they tried making a burger from two thin slices of bread like a sandwich, replacing it with yeast bread or English muffin.

The sandwich is quite simple. It has little variation, and the most popular is still two thin, soft bread slices used directly or baked.

Bread buns

Bread buns are commonly used to make burgers 


A rounded shape is the most common appearance of a burger. This shape matches the grilled beef ball filling in the middle and makes it look fuller and more flavorful.

Sandwich slices are usually cut from a loaf of bread and will be square in shape. However, you will find some sandwiches cut in a triangle, half the original square, to make them easier to eat and more eye-catching.

Burgers & Sandwiches – Nutrition Facts

Of course, there will be a difference between these two dishes regarding their nutritional composition. These two foods are quite high in starch and fat. In general, people often comment that a sandwich is a bit healthier than a burger. 

About the minerals, the sandwich contains more Magnesium than a burger. On the other hand, the burger has more Zinc, Calcium, etc.; Vitamin A, C, and B5 are much more in sandwiches, while burgers contain vitamins B2, B3, B6, B12, and Folate.


Burgers and sandwiches have quite different processing methods. The former has a must-cooked filling, beef, chicken, or pork. Furthermore, with toppings like cheese, serving them hot always makes them much more delicious.

The latter, although you can grill it crispy before eating, most of the filling will be made using ready-made dishes such as bacon and pre-cooked chicken. It is much more suitable when we don’t have too much cooking experience or when we don’t have time.

The sandwich does not need to be served hot


The burger is usually more dominant in European or American countries. This is understandable because this is where it originated, as well as the popularity of fast food outlets.

The sandwich will be slightly more popular than the burger because of its convenience. We can all make our sandwiches at home; this bread is also widely available in bakeries or convenience stores.


Are Sandwich And Burger The Same? What Is The Difference?

The answer is no. Many people are confused and can misunderstand these two. Sandwich vs burgers have many differences that you can take a look at:

  • Filling 
  • Type of bread
  • Shape
  • Nutrition
  • Cooking
  • Prevalence

Is Pizza A Sandwich?

It sounds funny, but pizza is actually a sandwich!

Now, let’s look at the complete definition of a sandwich. It would be a thin slice of bread with a filling or several thin slices with a filling between them. Looking back at a slice of pizza, you can call pizza a sandwich!

How Do A Burger And A Hamburger Differ?

Certain differences can support you in distinguishing these two definitions:

  • Among them, the general term is the burger, while hamburger is a special classification.
  • In the middle of a hamburger is usually cooked or roasted meat such as beef, chicken, pork, turkey, etc.
  • There are different types of burgers: Hamburger, Mushroomburger, Chickenburger, and so on.


The differences between a burger vs sandwich probably won’t leave too many questions in your mind anymore. Overall, it can be affirmed that burgers and sandwiches are two completely different types. To sum up: 

  • Filling: Burger is made with cooked meats directly; sandwiches take advantage of available foods such as bacon, and canned meat.
  • Type of bread: the former is usually made with a bread bun; the latter is a bread slice.
  • Shape: Burgers are round, thick, and full; sandwiches are flatter and thinner.
  • Nutrition: You’ll absorb more calories if you eat the first one.
  • Cooking: The former needs to be served hot and eaten immediately, while you can eat the latter at any time.

Prevalence: Sandwich is more popular and easier to make than a burger.