Can I Make Waffles In A Sandwich Maker? Full Instructions And Advice

Can I make waffles in a sandwich maker? If you are craving waffles but do not have a griller available at home and wonder about this query, find the answer in this writing.   Waffle and …

a waffle maker

Can I make waffles in a sandwich maker? If you are craving waffles but do not have a griller available at home and wonder about this query, find the answer in this writing.  

Waffle and sandwich makers may have different functions and designs; however, in some situations, they would become a perfect alternative for the other. 

Can I Make Waffles In A Sandwich Maker?

Yes, you can enjoy the waffles made from a BLT maker. In general, the process of making this dish is similar to how you make it with a waffle maker.

Although the ingredients required and the final taste are the same, there are still some differences when cooking with these tools. 

Firstly, the cakes made by a sandwich maker have a distinctive appearance compared to those of the waffle maker. There are no holes on their surface, and they have the shape of the BLT grill.

Due to being thinner than the original tool, the BLT grill requires about twice the time amount to finish baking (about ten minutes). Meanwhile, the temperature settings are at 375°F for both.

The last thing to consider is that your waffles made by a sandwich maker may sometimes not be crisp as usual, or their inside would be undercooked.   

How To Make Waffles in A Sandwich Maker


  • All-purpose flour: 250 gram- 2 cups
  • Eggs: 2
  • White granulated sugar: 2 tablespoons
  • Baking powder: 2 and ½ teaspoons
  • Salt: ½ teaspoon
  • Melted butter: 80 gram – ⅓ cup
  • Milk: 350ml – 1 and ½ Cups


Step 1: Put the baking powder, salt, flour, and sugar in a larger container together, and mix them all. Make a minor hollow at the center of the blend.

Step 2: Take two eggs, and separate the yolks and the albumen into two medium-sized bowls.

Step 3: Beat the yolks, then mix them with milk and melted butter in a prepared bowl.

Step 4: Mix the texture of egg yolks, milk, and butter into the flour bowl. Make sure the textures are combined but not over-mixed. Once the recipe is over-mixed, the gluten will be formed and cause chewy waffles. 

Don’t worry if there are a few lumps in the batter; leave them there.

Step 5: Whisk the egg white until the texture has stiff peaks. It is recommended to use an electric mixer to save time and get more convenience. 

Or else, the hand whisk requires more time and is harder to handle. This step is crucial as whisked egg white determines how fluffy and light the waffles are.

Step 6: Pour the whisked albumen into the mixture of yolks and flour, then fold them gently. Do not fold too hard as you have to guarantee that the mixture contains as much air as possible. The air also makes your cake fluffy and light.

Step 7: Heat the sandwich maker until it reaches the cooking temperature. Use a brush or spray to spread the melted butter or olive oil on the grills. Do not skip this step, as the grease will prevent sticking and help crisp up the coating of the waffles 

Step 8: Once the sandwich maker gets hot enough, pour the batter into a bountiful scoop and let the texture spread before lifting down the lid.

Step 9: Don’t lift up the lid until the waffle cake stops steaming after around ten minutes. Check the outside of your waffles. If it turns golden and crispy, take them out and enjoy.          

stack waffles garnish with strawberry blueberry whipped cream plate tablecloth


What Can You Cook In A Sandwich Maker?

As a BLT maker is a multi-functioned tool, you can enjoy more recipes than just sandwiches and waffles. Here are some recommended dishes to consider:

  • Stuffed French toast: Soak the cinnamon bread in egg and put it in the sandwich maker.
  • Mini pizzas: Add whatever you like for toppings and toss some green peppers to finish.
  • Grilled bacon and pimento cheese sandwich: This dish is the elevated version of classic grilled cheese.
  • Taco cups: Make a layer of tortilla flour on the grill surface, and it will form a bowl shape. Fill the wrappers with cheese and meat. 

Wait for about six minutes until the tortilla gets crisp and the flesh is warm. Throw in other toppings like salsa, tomatoes, and onions based on your preference.

  • Ramen burger: Use available ramen noodles instead of the bread to make burger buns.
  • Chocolate croissant: Once the tool turns to the Preheat mode, spread the chocolate over one side of the croissant. Place the coated side in the bottom ring of the sandwich maker, then lower down the top ring and cooking plate. 

Lift down the lid and wait three minutes for the food to be warmed up. Take out and enjoy the croissant.  

Can You Put Pancake Mix In A Sandwich Maker?

Yes, of course. Forget the traditionally round pancakes, and you will have an amazing and swift breakfast with square pancakes. They have both evenly brown sides without the requirement for flipping when they are made by this cooking tool. 

The process of making the pancake batter is similar to the waffles, as mentioned before. Heat the BLT maker for a few minutes. Once it is ready, coat a light layer of oil or butter by using spray or a brush. 

Pour a small amount of batter onto the greasy surface and close the lid. Wait for four minutes and check the pancakes. Once they get brown, take them out and enjoy. You can top some bananas or berries for a flavor boost.

If the color of your cakes is not golden or brown enough, close the lid again and wait for two minutes before the next check.



Can I make waffles in a sandwich maker? You’ve got the detailed answer to the question. This new cooking technique not only innovates the traditional waffles you always have but also helps you save time and money. 

Moreover, it even enriches your kitchen experience and cooking skills. There are numerous other recipes recommended to apply to this cooking appliance above. Give them a try to diversify your meals.