How Many Slices Are in a Loaf of Bread – All You Should Know

Determining how many slices are in a loaf of bread is necessary to avoid your endless options when buying bread. You must have asked this simple question at least once when you purchase store-bought bread …

How Many Slices Are in a Loaf of Bread

Determining how many slices are in a loaf of bread is necessary to avoid your endless options when buying bread. You must have asked this simple question at least once when you purchase store-bought bread or bake fresh bread in the oven. 

Knowing the number of bread loaves, you can prepare your meals better with sufficient rations. Some think that there are about 20-24 slices in a bread loaf. Are these numbers precise? 

We will discuss this topic now. The answer for the number of slices in a loaf is quite simple. Keep reading everything you should know about the exact quantity and how to slice bread like a pro.

How Many Slices Are in a Loaf of Bread? Number Of Slices For Each Bread Types

How many slices are in a loaf of bread? Normally, there are 16-20 slices in a bread loaf. However, this number can vary based on each slice thickness and the bread’s size from the bakery. For the industry standard, a sandwich loaf includes about 18 slices. 

Various bread types have different slice numbers,  especially for recipes using whole grains. 

Look at some bread types below to fully understand what affects the number of slices.

Homemade Bread

This bread type is delicious and great whether baking traditional bread or using a bread machine. 

Homemade bread is different from the store-bought one in its heavy and thick texture. You can freely serve it with some foods such as sandwiches. 

Its average weight is about 2 pounds, but it also varies in size. On average, you will collect about 12 slices when slicing about 2 pounds of homemade bread. 

Some bread machines may cook both small and large batches. Thus, the number of slices can change depending on their size. Slicing can also determine the number of slices, so you should control and adjust the thickness of the slices. 

That said, despite not all slices being the same, the number will be not that different if you follow suit with the slicing technique. 

Sourdough Bread

On average, a standard loaf of this bread type comprises at least 24 slices. This number may vary slightly depending on the bread recipes and size, but this is a general quantity.  

The estimation here is based on traditional sourdough bread that weighs 36 grams and has slices that are about 1/2  inch thick per slice. Why should you cut it in that thickness?

A by-product of the fermenting process is carbon dioxide will cause multiple “eyes”, or so-called holes in bread while baking. So the fragile texture will be easy to crack when slicing.

Such thickness can prevent your bread from excessively crumbling due to its unique texture and airiness. Otherwise, it is best to buy available sliced bread loaves at stores or supermarkets. 

Though fermentation makes the bread’s consistency prone to crumbling, this process lends the sourdough bread a unique flavor and attracts many favors from bread lovers for their meals. Whether you make sandwiches or serve it with soup, its mellow taste and deliciousness (varying depending on fermentation) will spoil your taste buds. 

Rye Bread

The next bread we want to cover in this list is rye bread. It is also a specialty bread type in some cases. This bread can be quite thick and dense in texture. So if you slice it thinly, you will have more servings than other sandwich bread, and the bread itself can have a longer shelf life. 

To be specific, rye bread can yield about 24 slices from a standard loaf when you thinly slice it, and crumbling or falling apart doesn’t happen.

This recipe contains 100% rye flour, darker than bread that uses other flours such as wheat or whole grain. Rye bread features a unique and tough flavor, but it becomes milder if you mix it with other flours. 

Rye Bread

Wholemeal Bread

About 400g of wholemeal bread can yield about 8-10 slices. You should make bread slices thicker to restrict crumbs and breaks. You sometimes can encounter a loaf with a seed coating, so be careful to slice it to minimize cracking and crumbling.

This bread features a firm, soft texture made from milled whole grain. Unlike white flour, whole grain comprises three parts: endosperm, bran, and germ, making the bread more fiber- and vitamin-rich.

This bread type is tasty and sweet to enjoy with jams, jellies,  and delicious sandwiches. Also, enjoy nutritious wholemeal bread with half an avocado or an egg instead of pure white flour bread for a perfect and healthy breakfast.

Traditional White Bread

White bread refers to the bread type that originates from wheat flour without the germ and bran layers through the milling and crushing process. 

This is a familiar bread type with a simple recipe and popular consumption. A loaf of traditional white bread can produce about 26-28 slices, considering that a standard bread often weighs about 566 g (20 oz). 

Since it doesn’t crumble like whole wheat bread, most of its slices are thin. There are about 200 brands of white bread in the United States. To understand it better, you can search for the bread brand names and slice counts. 

Traditional Sandwich Loaf

When you go to the store for your favorite wheat or white sandwich bread, these loaves can be almost the same from all brands. Some well-favored brands to name are Sara Lee, Wonder, and Nature’s Own. 

Typical sandwich loaves measure about 20 oz in weight. We can’t affirm they all give the same number of slices, but for the most part, there are 26-28 slices for each. For some special cases, you can cut a loaf into 20 to 24 slices. Here are some common brands and their number of slices for each loaf:

  • Greenhouse – 17 slices
  • Dempsters – 22 slices
  • Nature’s Own – 22 slices
  • Sara Lee – 22 slices
  • Market Pantry – 22 slices
  • Wonder – 24 slices
  • Great Value – 24 slices
  • Rudolph’s – 24 slices

Tips For Slicing The Bread

First, you must know the guide for slicing bread. Creating even and perfect slicing shapes might call for a bread-cutting guide. 

Because of the many different sizes and features, go for one that allows you to adjust the slice size. This is effective and useful when making different bread types with thicker or thinner slices. It also protects your fingers using a protective mechanism from sharp cutting edges. 

Otherwise, you can take the bread straight out of the oven and leave it until it fully cools to avoid crushing or crumbling. This tip also helps you put the crust to the proper texture. 

Still, get a sharp knife to slice your bread without too much effort instead of waiting for it to be completely cool if you want to enjoy warm bread. 


How Many Slices Are In a 16 Oz Loaf of Bread?

You will have 16 or 17 slices if you get a 16-ounce loaf, given that it’s a standard-weight loaf. 

How Many Slices Are In a Sara Lee Loaf of Bread?

A Sara Lee loaf of bread includes 22 slices of bread. This is a popular bread brand that gains favor from bread lovers worldwide. 

How Many Loaves of Bread Do I Need For 30 Sandwiches?

According to the standard formula, one sandwich per serving contains two slices of bread. The average number of slices in a bread loaf is 24 slices. So, you need about three loaves of bread for 30 sandwiches. 

How Many Slices Are In a Loaf of Wonder Bread?

There are 20 slices in the classic 20 oz loaf of Wonder bread and about 16-26 slices in a 24 oz loaf of bread. 


How many slices are in a loaf of bread? Now, you can get the right answer. It is simple, about 20-24 slices in a loaf of bread, but this number can change depending on the slice size and bread type. 

Knowing exactly the number of slices in a bread loaf, whether you buy it at stores or bake it at home, will help you prepare your meals with bread better.