Top 10 Cheese For Sandwich That Gives Perfect Cheese Sandwiches Recipes

Cheese for sandwich is like the cherry on top, doubling the tasty flavor it brings, especially for turophiles. The choice of the right cheese will help your recipes live up to the restaurant’s quality. It …

Cheese For Sandwich

Cheese for sandwich is like the cherry on top, doubling the tasty flavor it brings, especially for turophiles.

The choice of the right cheese will help your recipes live up to the restaurant’s quality. It also gives you a complete taste and essential nutrition. Thus, you should learn more about the various types of cheese to narrow down the choice and find the most suitable one for your sandwich. 

But among the ocean of cheese with countless candidates, which one should you go for? This article will list ten common types of cheese for a perfect sandwich and the most suitable type of sandwich to go with. Let’s read on!

Top 10 Cheese For Sandwich

1. Goat cheese

Despite the expensive price, goat cheese’s creamy and soft texture serves well with your sandwich. This cheese has a short rind, but the creaminess and gloss compliment the bread and push its flavor to a new level.  

Goat cheese originates from solidified goat milk in different shapes. It is smooth to spread and easily makes your sandwich more attractive and delicious.

2. Shredded Cheeses

You can obtain shredded cheese when you cut cheese into thin strips or slivers. You can use a manual or box grater to grate the cheese or cut it into smaller pieces with a grater with a large hole. A food processor is also a capable right-hand man to prepare it. 

Shredded cheese pairs well with various ingredients. It is ideal for topping sandwiches, pizza, salads, lasagna, soups, or other dishes.  You should purchase a block of cheese and grate it into small slices for a flavor boost. The additives in the shredded cheese bag can keep it from melting and separating inside. 

3. Raclette

The raclette is the name of both food and cheese. This is a melted cheese that you can rub on your toast, bread, potatoes, or meat. 

This ingredient dates back to being a dinner with the shepherds’ bread in ancient times. The cheese is rich and thick with a  funk scent that makes the grilled cheese perfect. 

4. Feta And Blue

The blue cheese gets a unique blue-green look. On the other hand, Feta cheese is a white or soft yellow cheese.

These candidates blossom in gyros and salads with a fragile texture and an attractive aroma. You can mix feta and blue cheese with other types of cheese to pull out the best flavor. 

Despite the health benefits of the two kinds of cheese, blue is healthier than feta cheese. That said, both contain saturated fats and high sodium, so you should use a moderate amount to avoid affecting your heart health. 


5. Swiss

Swiss cheese is a common term that includes various types of cheese. Several kinds of swiss cheese have a distinctive appearance. Other cheeses contain holes like “eyes,” and the remains do not. Swiss cheese’s taste is more pronounced if its eyes are larger. 

Aside from serving with a sandwich, you can enjoy it with fruits, including pears, grapes, or apples. It also works wonders for raspberry, cranberry, vegetable juices, mature red wines, mature red wines, or fruity white wines.  Its good flavor and firm texture are wonderful for melting and bringing more depth to your sandwiches. 

6. Provolone

Originating from Campania near Mount Vesuvius’s slopes, this is an Italian type of cheese with a unique flavor. You can smoke this semi-hard cheese and enjoy its milky flavor like Switzerland or Gouda. 

It manifests a mild or sweet flavor depending on pasteurization or age. It can deliver a spicy taste if it has been aged for four months. This cheese is great for sandwiches due to its mild flavor and melting properties in the mouth. 

Provolone is the perfect choice for sandwich cheese. Just give it a try, and you will regret not knowing this sooner. 

7. Muenster

Muenster cheese is a soft and white cheese with an orange-red cover. This ingredient features a semi-hard texture with a subtle aroma. You can find it popular in countries such as France, the United States, and Germany. Despite being neutral cheese, it offers a nutty note for a tweak in flavor. 

It is one of the least known kinds of cheese on the globe, but it is perfect for the complete recipe of your sandwich. 


8. Monterey Jack

This is a favorite semi-hard cheese, sought-after in the western United States. It is a perfect combination of goat milk and milk with a mild flavor. 

It is appreciated for its slight sweetness and subtle taste derived from monastic cheese production. Thus, you can mix it with different kinds of cheese, including Colby jack, pepper jack, or dry jack. 

9. American cheeses

Colby cheese and cheddar cheese are the origins that develop this type of cheese. It treats you with a slightly solid, salty, mild texture with processed aromatic flavor and light orange color. 

This kind of cheese is famous for its creamy melting ability, emulsifiers preventing milk proteins from separating from heated milk fat.

This tasty and salty cheese is well-fitted for delicious sandwiches with attractive colors and wonderful flavor. The best part is its availability; you can purchase it at any supermarkets. 

10. Pepper Jack

Here we introduce the most interesting type of cheese you can use for your sandwich – Pepper jack. Besides, this semi-soft American cheese can come with pizza,  omelets, nachos, or casserole. 

It is the most aggressive and tastiest cheese in the world. Your sandwich will burst with flavor without the complicated ingredients. 

This cheese gives a special touch that is stronger and tastier than American or Provolone with various spicy levels. 

How To Make Grilled Cheese Sandwich That Tastes Amazing? 

After reading our Top 10 kinds of cheese, let’s get started to make a perfect grilled cheese with the easy-peasy cheese sandwich recipe.

The Preparation

Get in hand the below ingredients before we start to make the perfect cheese sandwich:

  • 4 white slices of bread or any type you delight in. Choose ones that are thick enough such as texas toast
  • 3 tablespoons of butter as you might want to use more than 1/2 tablespoon on each slice. Unsalted or any kind of butter works well with this recipe
  • 2 slices of cheese
  • 1 skillet

The above ingredients are suitable for 02 adults. In case you have more diners to join the cheese sandwiches party, multiply the preparation.

The Making Of The Best Grilled Cheese Sandwiches 

  • Preheat the skillet to medium-low till the griddle reaches 275˚F
  • Butter the toast by spreading about 1/2 tablespoon of the butter on one side of each bread slice
  • Add the slices of bread (butter-side down) to the skillet bottom
  • Stack the cheese slice you prepared on the other side of the bread
  • Once the downside of the bread turns golden and the cheese starts to melt, cover the top with another slice of toast then flip it over
  • Continue to cook until both sides are golden brown. Now you can take it to the served dish
  • Repeat the process with the other 2 slices of bread, butter, and cheese.

How The Perfect Grilled Cheese Would Look?

If you follow the instructions above step by step, your grilled cheese bread will look perfectly golden brown with an amazing smell of butter and cheese melted down to the bread. You can enjoy the whole sandwich or cut it in half for easy bites. This cheese sandwich recipe is easy to make and great alone, but you can eat it with homemade tomato sauce as per your taste.


1. How To Know If My Cheese Has Gone Bad?

You can tell easily if the cheese is stale or not by just looking at its color. If the color is faded or changed, something might be wrong with it.

You should watch out for changes in the texture as well. You’d better throw away the cheese if there is any bloating inside the package or slimy on the surface.

2. How Can I Save The Cheese For Longer Use?

Different types of cheese have different ways of perverse. However, there is always a common method to keep your cheese for a long time.

First thing first, always double wrap your cheese with the baking parchment or waxed paper and keep it in a plastic container with a cloth on top of it. After that, place the container in the most constant-temperature zone of your fridge.

Secondly, remember to store different types of cheese in different boxes. Each type of cheese has an individual texture and smell, which might be harmed if we store them together.

Last but not least, remember not to buy a lot a once. Tips and tricks can prolong the time, but they cannot guarantee the original flavor of the cheese. Hence, buy the exact amount you need, or a maximum of 1.5 times.

3. Is It Safe To Eat Raw Cheese?

If the cheeses you had in the fridge come with guaranteed sources, eating them raw has some remarkable health benefits.

It is the better flavor when it comes to the reason why some people tend to like eating raw cheeses more than grilled ones. Especially when the cheeses come out from organic raw milk, you can tell the difference right after the first bite. An accompanying benefit to the flavor is that you don’t need too much cheese now.

The raw milk in cheese really brings you a good kind of bacteria with its own package of digestive enzymes that digests the fats and proteins.

However, cheeses with unauthorized originals do harm your health. According to articles, unpasteurized dairy products cause 45 times more hospitalizations and 840 times more illnesses than pasteurized products do. Hence, if you are about to try your cheese in a raw way, make sure you know its source well.


There is no standard method for choosing the best cheese for a sandwich.  In reality, each type of cheese has its features and flavor. The types of cheese in the market are diverse, with numerous features, origins, and flavors. The right option depends on your nutritional needs or personal preferences.

Before looking for the spot-on cheese, you should learn about its flavor, features, nutritional value, and quality. A good type of cheese will be an impressive addition that makes your sandwich more delicious. It is also an important factor that completes your recipe and serves your meals easily and effectively.