What Is A Toasted Cheese Sandwich? The Best Description

Sandwich has gained an enormous reputation among many consumers. Such variants as tuna, chicken, and cheese sandwiches are too familiar for everyone.  However, many still confuse a toasted cheese with a grilled cheese sandwich. So, …

Toasted Cheese Sandwich

Sandwich has gained an enormous reputation among many consumers. Such variants as tuna, chicken, and cheese sandwiches are too familiar for everyone. 

However, many still confuse a toasted cheese with a grilled cheese sandwich. So, what is a toasted cheese sandwich? In this article, we will bring you a clear overview of this dish.

What Is A Toasted Cheese Sandwich?


Toasted cheese sandwiches are one of the most popular cuisines in the US. Its name is initiated from the title “American cheese filling sandwiches”, a new kind of sandwich that appeared in World War II. 

Unlike other normal sandwiches, toasted cheese ones are quite simple. It contains two slices of toasted bread and a layer of cheese on the outer surface. 

Due to its simplicity, this dish is lower in calories than the Turkey sandwich but more nutritious than the raw bread. Therefore, it would be best if you served it in the morning or at lunchtime.

What Is Toasting Cheese?

Toasting cheese is usually used in bread-texture foods such as sandwiches or pizzas. Normally, the cheese will be heated in the toaster or the microwave until it melts, and then you can serve it with your white bread. 

The cheese needs to be sliced before toasting so it can melt properly, or you can purchase those cut cheese in the bakery stores. Regularly, Cheddar and Mozzarella mostly appear in toasted sandwiches on account of their tasty flavor and availability. 

Cheddar cheese is widely known as a perfect supplement for bread, plus it is not too expensive to buy. Mozzarella is more dominant in the pizza world. However, it can go well with bread, and you can pair it with tomatoes or some olive oil. 

How To Make Toasted Cheese Sandwich?

Baking a toasted cheese sandwich is very simple. Here are all the things you need:


Instruction: There are two ways as follows:

  • Using the toaster: You put two slices of bread in the normal toaster and wait until it is done. After that, you immediately take the slices out of the machine and place a cheese layer onto the bread. The instant heat of the bread will melt the cheese.
  • Using the microwave: You cut the cheese into small slices and then spread them nicely onto the bread surface. Preheat the microwave to 150 degrees for three minutes, put the cheese bread on, and set the timer for five minutes. The cheese will be heated in conjunction with the bread.

What Is The Difference Between A Toasted Cheese And A Grilled Cheese Sandwich?

The Difference Between Toasted Cheese And Grilled Cheese

In general, people usually misunderstand these two kinds of cheeses. They assumed that toasted cheese was another way to call for grilled cheese. In fact, if you look at the usage, you will identify the distinction between the two. 

Toasted cheese is often placed on the top of the sandwich, which means it acts as a thin cover for the dishes. Grilled cheese, on the other hand, usually pops up between two slices and melts under higher pressure than toasted cheese.

Regarding the alteration in the usage, the color of these two kinds is also diverse. The toast is on the outer surface and exposed to more heat from the machine. Therefore, it will turn dark yellow with some brown bubbles. 

In contrast, the grilled one absorbs less heat since the dense texture of the bread blocks it. As a result, it will have light attracting yellow color.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

The Difference Between A Toasted Cheese Sandwich And A Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Based on the distinctiveness of toasted and grilled cheese, we can see some differences between toasted cheese sandwiches and grilled cheese sandwiches. 

First of all, they are not cooked with the same kitchen utensils. Toasted sandwiches are often prepared in the oven or the microwave, while grilled one is heated in the grilling pan. 

The variance in the kitchen utensils leads to the difference in the texture. The grilled dish has a creamy texture as it is heated from the inside, and the toasted one is a little crispy since the heat works on the outside.

Secondly, these two kinds also bring about different tastes. The butter on the grilled one is twice as much as the toasted type. Therefore, you will feel a little satiated when eating too many grilled sandwiches. Moreover, the larger portion of butter will add more calories to the grilled, making it fatter than the toasted.


Why Is It Called A Grilled Cheese Sandwich?

People called it a “Grilled cheese sandwich” because it is simply a sandwich combined with grilled cheese. In the US, when talking about “grilled”, people will think of some things that are heated on a flat surface, looking like a griddle. 

That is the reason why the name “grilled cheese sandwich” comes along because it is cooked in a grilling pan (a utensil has a similar pattern to the griddle).

What Is The Difference Between Grilled Cheese And Melt Cheese?

In general, a grilled cheese recipe and a melting one are the same in outer appearance. Both of them have a layer of melted cheese in the middle of the sandwich. Nevertheless, a grilled cheese sandwich contains just bread and cheese, while a melted one is a mixture of various ingredients such as meat, vegetables, and tuna. 

Is Mayo Or Butter Better For Grilled Cheese?

Flavor-wise, the butter will retain the tastiest flavor for your bread. When it comes to nutrition, mayonnaise wins this game as it is packed with less saturated fat than butter. It comprises egg yolk and oil; therefore, it will work wonders for your health.


What is a toasted cheese sandwich? It is a kind of sandwich that goes with cheese toasted in the oven or the microwave. A toasted cheese sandwich is a great source of energy to kick off your day. The softness of the cheese and the crispy texture of the bread will make up a tasty flavor for your meal. 

Compared with other sandwiches, this dish is much simpler and more nutritious. Additionally, the needed ingredients for this recipe are always available in your kitchen so that you can enjoy it anytime. If the overview about this toasted cheese sandwich benefits you, please leave your comment below!