What Sandwich Goes With Potato Soup? Other Dishes To Pair

Potato soup is an iconic and staple dish – never fails to please us. Furthermore, this dish is simple and costs less effort to prepare and cook. You can always have it on the table …

BLT Sandwich

Potato soup is an iconic and staple dish – never fails to please us. Furthermore, this dish is simple and costs less effort to prepare and cook. You can always have it on the table on any given weekday. However, this soup always needs a side dish to enhance the overall flavor of the meal.

Sandwiches are among the most common side dishes that complement potato soup nicely. What sandwich goes with potato soup? A delectable sandwich with a bowl of potato soup will be all you need to fulfill your starving belly at lunch. However, deciding on the side dish is not a straightforward task.

We are here to help. Here is a list of some sandwich options that can help you enjoy the soup to the fullest.

What Sandwich Goes With Potato Soup?

BLT Sandwich

When it comes to the side dish of potato soup, it would be a big mistake not to mention the BLT sandwiches – a classic match that is never out of date.

Including the familiar ingredients such as tomato, lettuce, and bacon, the BLT sandwiches appear to be the perfect accompaniment, along with potato soup. 

Not only do they help refresh the overall taste, but they also add a pleasing texture to the dish. Just a small bite can take you to a feast of mesmerizing flavor. Check out the BLT recipe if this piques your interest.

Roasted Beef Sandwich

The roasted beef sandwich is another excellent treat that pairs perfectly with potato soup. Loaded with an incredible flavor, this combination is simply a masterpiece that you must try once in your life. 

Regarding making sandwiches, if you throw in more ingredients, you can expect more depth of the flavor.

roast beef sandwich

Imagine dipping a crunchy and soft roast beef sandwich into potato soup. Nothing seems to be able to beat the burst of flavor in your mouth. 

Those flavors glorify each other, promising to fulfill your stomach, heart, and soul with happiness and satisfaction till the last bite.

Cucumber Sandwich

The open cucumber sandwich is light and super effortless to make while also being surprisingly delicious to enjoy.

Cucumber sandwiches are a terrific way to enjoy a delightful meal, especially since potato soups and sandwiches are a match made in heaven.

Cucumber Sandwich

In short, when paired with the soup, these sandwiches have a unique and refreshing kick. Bet that you will not find a similar experience with other sandwiches.

To pull out the most delicate essence in a hearty potato soup, prepare white bread, cucumbers, mayo, and seasonings. They all work well together, creating a phenomenal dish.

What Kind Of Bread Goes With Soup? 

  • French baguettes work wonders for brothy or creamy soups.
  • Sourdough bread is ideal for mopping up rich, earthy soups.
  • The strong flavor of rye pairs perfectly with creamy and tomato soups.
  • White bread is easy to absorb in the soup with a buttery touch but not too flavorful.
  • Multigrain is a great addition to robust stews.

Do You Dip Bread In Soup?

For us, dipping the bread into a bowl of soup has never been a problem! That said, you may notice that there is a good chance of a mess or dribbling or spilling soup on the clothes. 

Especially on formal occasions, the proper way to consume soup is to never dip bread into it.

So, how to do it? It is highly recommended that you scoop the soup and sip it off, place the spoon on the plate, then take the bread with the similar hand you used to pick up your spoon and have a yummy bite.

What Dessert Goes With Potato Soup?

You don’t always need to have dessert after a bowl of soup. However, if your beloved family and friends need a little extra love, a sweet treat will be a perfect choice.

Here are some of our suggestions:

Creamy Cool Fruit Salad: Though this dish is called a salad, it’s so good that you can serve it as a delectable dessert. 

Easy Pineapple Dump Cake: The fresh taste of pineapple will put a remarkable ending to the main course. Be sure to make enough for every member to have at least a second serving. It is genuinely that good! Plus, it is so easy to make. Once you succeed, you will want to do it often!

Peanut Butter Mug Cake: This one is particularly pleasant because each person gets to enjoy their own mug cake. It has to be wonderful with the tasty peanut butter.

Ridiculously Easy Rice Pudding: This delicious rice pudding is simple to make with leftover rice. Once you dig into the first spoon, you will not stop until there is nothing on the plate.

What Wine Goes With Potato Soup?


The butter and vanilla flavors of a lightly oaked Chardonnay will complement the richness of the creamy potato soup. Meanwhile, citrus, baked apple, pear, and melon offer contrasting ingredients that provide plenty of refreshment.

Stick to Chardonnay wines that only contain a small amount of oak. Or else, the taste could be too buttery and overwhelming against the subtle soup flavors.

Pinot Gris

Pinot Gris’ strong acidity makes it easy to cut through the thick texture of the potato soup. In any event, the flavors of citrus, honey, mango, peach, and pear in Pinot Gris will keep you invigorated in between swallows of soup and wine.

The minerality and chalkiness of Pinot Gris would be a massive elevation to the earthy texture of the potatoes that constitute the soup’s base.

Grüner Veltliner

The acidity of Grüner Veltliner is just right to shine in the creamy richness of this earthy soup. Citrus, apricot, and pear have a clear, almost crystalline flavor that contrasts beautifully with the starchy potato flavors. 

Meanwhile, the typical pepper and green notes of lentils in Grüner Veltliner are a great match for the delicate leek flavors or whatever herbs you add to the soup.


So, what sandwich goes with potato soup? We bet you already know the answers. However, our suggestions do not cover all the possible options. You can totally choose another type of sandwich to serve with your hot potato soup. You are in the driving seat! Any comments? Don’t forget to let us know!